Meet n' Greet

Roxx n' Rule is a real rock star experience. So here's your Meet n' Greet!

At Roxx n' Rule, we know you want to raise a confident kid. In order to do that, you need to support their creative self-expression. The problem is it's challenging to find clothes that authentically represent who you are inside at the common stores, which makes a little rebel feel lost in the crowd. We believe your kid is an original and deserves to feel like a rock star from the day they are born!

We understand it feels uncomfortable for rebels to be stuck in a box, which is why we created exclusive, original, rock tees for your little one to encourage unstoppable confidence in self-expression through love for rock music. 

Here's What You Do:   

  1. Choose Your Favorites based on your kid's personality!
  2. Hang On Tight your tees are custom made!
  3. Take The Stage and rock on!

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Shop now, so your little one can feel the power of owning their inner awesome and sharing it with the world! 🌟

No one should feel frustrated when shopping for their child. You have more meaningful ways to spend your energy. So we’ve created a fun, rock n’ roll way to put your mind at ease. 

Hi, it’s me, Roxxy, thanks for coming by. 

You are their roadie, tour manager, and biggest fan! 

I understand because I'm a mom too. I’m beyond grateful and honored you’ve chosen to take Roxx n’ Rule with you and your amazing kid on this leg of the tour! ♥️ Thank you.  

See you on the stage! 

xxo Roxxy 

P.S You're still going to have to cover homework duty... those days are behind me.😉